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Journal of One Initiative Research and Development (JOIRD)

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  1. Manuscript Preparation

Language: The article can be written in any of the following languages: English, Bangla, or Arabic.

Manuscript Components: The manuscript should have the following components: title, abstract, text, references, and as appropriate, tables, and figures, etc.

Word Counts: The word count for the article will be between 3500-5000 words, including abstract and references.

Title: The title includes the title of the paper, a word count for text only, and the full name(s) of the author(s).

Abstract: A structured abstract of no more than 250 words is required. The abstract should be focused on the following aspects: brief statement of the problem with the research question(s)/ objective(s), methodology, major findings, and conclusion of the article.

Keywords: Author(s) is/are also requested to mention 3 to 5 keywords or short phrases that will be sufficient to describe the content of the manuscript text.

JEL Classification codes: This must be given after the Keywords

  1. Structure of Article: The text of the manuscript for the original research article should include the following headings:

Psychological Association) Referencing Style strictly for both in text citation and at the end of text. In case of any inconsistency with the APA Referencing Style, the manuscript will be send back to the author(s) for revising the reference.

  1. Confirmation: The authors must confirm by themselves the originality of the manuscript, the absence of plagiarism, and proper references and citations. The author(s) also should affirm that he/she/they are solely responsible for the opinions and explanations expressed in the manuscript. A range of 20%-25% similarity is accepted conditionally.
  2. Manuscript Submission

Submit Your Article: Please submit your article via email: [email protected]

Submission Instruction: Manuscripts written in English, Bangla or Arabic could be submitted to the mentioned email address. Acceptable manuscript file format for online submission is MS Word *.Docx Format, not PDF. Twelve (12) point font size of Times New Roman Font Type, double-space text, and justified alignment margin should be used.

Submission Checklist: Author(s) is/are requested to check their submission's compliance with the following items as part of the submission process:

  1. Publication Process

The publication process is consisting of the following steps. The ultimate objectives of this process are to ensure quality. The full process will be completed within 2-3 months.

  1. Screening for Plagiarism: Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of One Initiative Research and Development will be screened for plagiarism using Turnitin/iThenticate plagiarism detection tools. This journal will immediately reject papers leading to plagiarism or self-plagiarism.
  2. Review Process: All manuscripts submitted will be primarily screened, evaluated, and later peer-reviewed by two anonymous experts and the corresponding author will be communicated through email to notify the receipt of manuscript and editorial decisions regarding acceptance or rejection.

Authors are requested to submit the full name(s), designation/institutional affiliation, highest academic degree(s), contact address(es), and email address(es) of the author(s).

  1. Author Fees: This journal does not charge any Article Publication Charge (APC). But if any author wishes to donate or wish to share any APC, that would be welcomed. A full printed hard copy of the journal volume can be purchased by the author.
  2. Publication Frequency: Half Yearly

First Issue: January – June

Second Issue: July - December

  1. Open Access Policy: This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.